Who is Induct?

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to become a knowledge empowerment provider for organisations and individuals. 
Knowledge, competence, experience, and information (human capital) are key resources for our knowledge driven economy. Our mission is to increase and improve the distribution of these resources and enable people, organisations and wider communities to effectively and efficiently make use of them.

About us

Induct is a Norwegian-based company, established in 2007 and listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange. Induct has developed supportive web-based software for organisations worldwide, including collaborative software for the NHS and the charity sector in the UK.

Our history

Induct AS was established in 2007 and was a first mover in the development of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for managing innovation efforts in, and between, organizations. Our software has enabled more than 350 organisations worldwide to realise the potential that exists in identifying new and good ideas through innovation engagement and subsequently turning those good ideas into new ways of thinking, acting, organising, and working.
Our Idea and Innovation Management solution has been on the market since 2009 and is used by organisations including Equinor, Norgesgruppen, Hewlett Packard (HP), the Norwegian Tax Administration, international healthcare providers and more than 90% of the Norwegian healthcare trust.
Key to the Induct mission is supporting the development of knowledge, and more importantly, allowing knowledge to be shared, found, and leveraged. In the healthcare sector we have connected hospitals in Norway with international healthcare providers, in a sharing network. This means that great ideas and powerful innovations can more easily be shared, adopted, and implemented faster.
In the public sector, we have enabled cross-departmental collaboration between the public and private sector, resulting in new and more effective ways of working.

A new step on our journey

In 2020, Induct took a new step on its journey as a knowledge empowerment provider. We launched a new digital platform called induct.net  where work and collaboration is taken to a new level for organisations and individuals alike. By removing unnecessary and unhelpful barriers to collaboration, the platform is a unique facilitator of knowledge development, sharing and empowerment within organisations, in collaborative networks and across ecosystems.
Our work within the innovation field has taught us many lessons, one being the importance of having a future-ready business model. By incorporating advertisement in selected areas of the induct.net platform, we offer the core platform free of charge, and without unnecessary restrictions. After all, what good is knowledge if it is hidden behind a payment wall?

Moving the world forward

The speed of digitalisation is fast, and the Covid-19 pandemic has fully illustrated how we can utilise digital platforms, solutions, and tools to continue working and collaborating in challenging and unexpected situations. The world has always evolved through humanity’s willingness, eagerness, and desire to move forward. Induct will continue to develop and deliver digital platforms and solutions that support work, co-working, collaboration, networks, and ecosystems, and be a facilitator of knowledge empowerment.

The Induct Group

The Induct Group consists of:
  • Induct AS - our headquarters in Oslo, Norway
  • Induct Solutions UK Ltd - our team in England
  • Induct Software Inc - our team in the US
  • Induct SEA S.L. - our team in Spain
  • Induct R&D S.L. - our technical team in Spain
  • OSINT Analytics AS - our team in Hamar, Norway
Want to learn more about Induct? 
Visit the Induct website or find more detailed information about our Investor Relations.

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